So welcome to what is effectively my first blog on Dar’s Media. During this period i just want to introduce myself and the beast of a workstation which helps me produce all this fabulous work on. I emerged into this industry back in 2015 where I used to produce Graphic Design, such as Logos, Business cards, Leaflet Designs, Poster Designs and so much more. It was until early 2017 i wanted to gain something from this venture thus decided to branch out into Website Design & Development. Ever since I have been going from strength to strength, building links and gaining new customers working on exciting projects for all sized businesses, not only in Burnley, but around the world!

Over the years, my desk’s setup has evolved so much, moving from Macbooks to iMacs and now a Powerful, Custom-Built Powerhouse which has been configured to run any, and i mean any program with ease. This Machine was the first I had ever built myself, it was a mammoth task which took me 3 days to complete, yet it was fun to do. Every component was carefully selected to fit in the colour scheme i wanted to achieve. As i was a complete noob (at the time of building this PC), I didn’t really know where components needed to go so i was just figuring it out as I go along. I was so determined to build my first Custom Built PC without needing to watch any How To, guides to help me. And I’m happy to announce that til this date, this very PC hasn’t skipped a beat. But guess what… it is still not finished. My aspirations for this computer is to eventually get a completely glass case and then get a water cooling system in place.

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